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Dr. Anson Yang

 Dr. Yang was English Panel Head and Vice Principal of two different schools before joining King Ling College. He was an appointed SCOLAR member (2009-2015). He is now the Chairman of Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association, and Member of Curriculum Development Council Committee (English).

Principal's Messages

Mr Wong Ting-hin
Vice Principal (Academics)

Mr Wong has been the head of information technology, and later liberal studies, and the assistant principal of a school where he served for 17 years before joining King Ling College. He holds an M Sc in IT education; he is also a textbook author for liberal studies. He has given numerous talks for various organisations in both areas.

Mr Cheng Yuen-shan
Vice Principal (Student Development)

Mr Cheng teaches Biology and holds M Phil in Biochemistry. He has rich experiences in science education and curriculum development. He also holds an M A in Student Activities and has strong and extensive background in various activity-based education programmes. Being an energetic adult, he inspires students for whole-person development.


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