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About School

School History | School Motto | School Vision | School Mission | Education Aims | School Calendar | School Song

School History

King Ling College is an aided secondary school founded by the King Ling Foundation for Education and Culture
in September 1994


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School Motto

Diligence, Perseverance, Integrity, Simplicity


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School Vision

To provide quality education in search of excellence and prepare students to be distinguished members of future


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School Mission

To foster Chinese culture and civic awareness while emphasizing the five areas of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of students so as to nurture them to be knowledgeable, cultured, committed and highly ethical learners.


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Education Aims

To nurture students :

  • To possess good moral behaviour;
  • To master competent levels in Chinese, English and Putonghua;
  • To possess information technology and self-learning skills;
  • To possess independent and creative thinking abilities;
  • To be physically fit and spiritually healthy;
  • To possess good interpersonal skills and the spirit of cooperation;
  • To be interested in the appreciation of culture and fine arts;
  • To have broad Chinese cultural and global outlooks.
  • 具有良好的品德修養;
  • 具備良好的中、英文及普通話水平;
  • 具有資訊科技及自學能力作為終身學習基礎;
  • 具有獨力思考及創意思維能力;
  • 擁有健康的心靈及體魄;
  • 具有良好的人際溝通技巧及合作精神;
  • 具有欣賞文化藝術的興趣;
  • 具有深厚的中華文化素養及廣闊的世界觀。

School Plans

School Reports

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School Song

巍巍的景嶺 青青的山崗 孕育著年輕的一代


我們是社會的中堅 我們是國家的楝樑

勤 毅 誠 樸 篤志力行求自強

我們都是好青年 努力學習邁向前 齊把景嶺精神來發揚

同學們 同學們 同心協力肩並肩 齊把景嶺精神來發揚

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